President – Maneesh Tomar

Khel India Youth Brigade

(Governed By Khel India Trust)

Main aim of Khel India Youth Brigade is to inspire and appreciate young boys and girls towards sports. Today, India is the country having the biggest number of young population. We all know, youth is the power of any country. This phase of life counts as the most revolutionary phase. It is the phase that actually crafts one’s future and direction of one’s life.

First priority of this Khel India Youth Brigade will be of assisting in the development of a healthy and responsible society by guiding youth in their process of determining life’s goal. Certainly, this will be done by have a strong and reliable connection with vast number of young minds across India.

While connecting with the youth, this team will be working for –

  • Imparting knowledge to youth about history of Martyrs
  • Building strongly emotional connection about Martyrs among young Indians
  • Developing sincere interest and sense of responsibility for the country
  • Generating responsible attitude among youth regarding social welfare works
  • Developing feeling of brotherhood among young Indians
  • Enhancing sensible attitude towards nature by sharing knowledge about importance of nature and environmental science with the youth
  • Sharing importance of good health and fitness to develop healthy and wealthy Indian young force
  • Imparting valuable information regarding their career and employment

National Committee

President – Maneesh Tomar

Vice President
Pankaj Dadhij
Aadesh Tomar
Arvind Kumar
Vikrant Vishwkarma

Atijeet Singh
Deepak Chaudhary
Ghanshyam Swami
Sanjay Sharma

Rohan Rana
Sachin Shastri

Media In-charge
Aacharya Sandeepan

Sanghatan Mantri
Pratap Tomar
Gaurav Dev Sharma

National Law Adviser
Bhoopendra Singh