Last few years were the golden years of Indian sports. From all sorts of sports, players have shined the name of this great country. No doubt, it was a result of hard work of sportsmen and sportswomen along with their coaches as well as associated sport management team.

Yes, it is a fact that one can gain a quality life in sport industry. But, there are several talented players who are not getting the much needed support to be in the race with full dedication. This is happening with them because lack of resources and exposure about sport management.

Meet Committee Members

Along with the guidance of Mr. Amit Rai Jain, KIT Founder Mr. Bhagat Singh Sehdev has constituted a committee. This committee has renowned players and socially acknowledged people with several years of experience. Committee has that much needed expertise level to generate all sorts of required support to cultivate sport stars of next generation. And, above that all the members are having a great level of dedication to serve for the aim of Khel India Trust.

Khel India Trust Committee is moving ahead under the guidance of Chief Patron, Shri Amit Rai Jain who has a great experience in social as well as sports activity. As an active supporter, Mr. Jain has given a huge contribution in Baraut Rifle Club’s activities and now, he is greatly support the trust and academy with his progressive thought process and social connectivity ability.

According to Mr. Amit Rai Jain, Sport is certainly a way to upgrade lives in rural areas. As young boys are giving their time to a game, they are learning better aspects of life like positive competition, discipline and dedication for an aim of life. Efforts of this trust can make a big change in many lives and this noble idea inspires me to assist as often as I can.

While serving as a torch bearer of Baraut Rifle Club, Mr. Bhagat Singh Sahadev has many times noticed a fact that not all are able to play regularly because of lack of guidance or money. Hence, he stepped further along with his well wishers to form Khel India Trust. This trust will be there to serve sportsmen and upcoming talent. Trust is having its various academies for various sports. With the help of this, Founder of Khel India Trust dreamed to cultivate sports stars also in other various sports like Kabaddi, Wrestling, Archery, WuShu etc. Right now, trust is focusing on shooting sport only.

One Motive – Value Based Sports Education

Khel India Trust has Adv. Jogendra Kumar as Chief Advisor who supports our initiatives and guides over every social as well as legal concerns. According to Shri Jogendra Kumar, Sport is certainly a great way to make name of your birthplace, your family and your nation. Our youth dreams to achieve medals in Olympic. There are may young boys and girls who have talent but lack in terms of money and guidance. In case, one can contribute in making it possible for these talented boys and girls then he should do it. Khel India Trust is a medium for me to pay my contribution and I am fully ready to assist aspiring players of this young generation.

Khel India Trust has Shri Deepak Tomar as Secretary and Mr. Tomar monitors committee plans and guides us to ensure desired results. According to Shri Deepak Tomar, No country can excel without people with good character. Sport builds character of a person and also builds a good society at large scale. And, societies form a state. I love to see my country as The Super Power and I will try to transform my country into that super power by the means of sports. Khel India Trust is that correct step for me in that direction and I love to dedicate myself for the initiatives of this Trust.

Khel India Trust has Shri Balkar Singh as Treasurer and he monitors all finance related activities to ensure desired results. Acording to Shri Balkar Singh, Khel India Trust is an organisation that is dedicated to serve the nation by the great level supply of talented players. This Trust is serving society and sport culture of our nation. Aiding players financially and search of talented one are two primary goals of this trust. I would love to serve within this noble task because this will be a direct service of my nation. We have seen it inform of great results in Rifle club and now, this is going to be big in other games.

Khel India Trust has Shri Ravi Sharma as Media In-charge and he takes care of communication as well as promotional activities i.e. email, website promotion and social media. According to Shri Ravi Sharma, Khel India Trust works to give boost to the culture of sports. This organization is working as a helping hand for many talented young ones from rural areas. All these people in this trust are working with full dedication to serve the country by this way. I love to share about them over digital medium. It is really a good feeling that I am giving my time to share about good activities of good people.