Khel India Trust acknowledges that sports today play a vital role in all-round development of a human being and achieving excellence in sports has a great bearing on national prestige and morale. Khel India Trust firmly believes in providing holistic value based sports education that instills inner confidence, high self- esteem, and train and equips the youth to face challenges with self -assurance.

To go further with our work, Khel India Trust is having its various academies in cities of Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

An Overview About Our Sports Academies

Interest in sport at a young age has shown to channelize their energy in the right direction.  The aim of this Academy is to improve the quality of life for individuals and contribute to the betterment of the community. Hence, Khel India Trust’s Academy For Sports Training:

  • Provides holistic development programs for aspiring sports-persons of various age groups
  • Focuses on physical development through various standard sporting facilities
  • Nurtures mental strength and wellness through guided supervision by experts
  • Analyses skills and talents of players through regular match analysis and other techniques
  • Provides opportunity to interact and play tournaments with national and international level players
  • Provides quality sport-expertise and innovative coaching by renowned players

Be With Khel India Trust’s Sports Training 

Khel India Trust is committed to the improvement of health, fitness and emotional well-being thereby contributing to the betterment of the community. The need for children to remain active and energetic is felt in a greater way now as obesity is rapidly becoming the number one cause of diseases and ill-health.

In response to parents’ need for their children to participate actively in sports and encourage healthy lifestyles, we are offering affiliation option for schools.


We know that many of you will love to have a shooting range in the school, hence we have narrated few important points regarding it. Please click on the below given button to view all needed information!!

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Our Achievements

Khel India School Affiliation Program

School Affiliation Form

Being an affiliated school, your organization will be in one year contract with Khel India Trust. There is a one year affiliation fee charge along with a monthly training fee charge.