About Us

Khel India Trust is an organization which works for shaping sporting talent from various sections of society and also for building an environment of sports in schools and other educational institutes. We are committed to give stars of next generation of Indian Sports. Our Trust exists to support and to promote talented players. To justify this motive, Khel India Trust is running various academies to offer training in various sports. Here, we are offering practical training in various sports. All the committee members in this trust are sincerely working for arranging experienced trainers so that our academy can give top class players in various sports.

Before going further, we would also like to share about the reason behind the birth of this Trust. Mr. Bhagat Singh Sahdev, founder of Khel India Trust has a vast experience of Fifteen years in the training of Rifle Shooting sport. Baraut Rifle Club, a renowned shooting range in Western Uttar Pradesh is his initiative to serve nation by giving several National & International Shooting sport players. In these many years, he realized that talent is hugely available in rural areas. Talented players are like diamonds in dust. Several boys and girls with a great level of talent were not aware of their capabilities and scope in sports. This club and talented trainers helped them in reaching their dreamed lives.

Well, this was only in shooting sport. Mr. Bhagat Singh was keen to work for other sports too. Hence, he started Khel India Trust in 2016 along with few well-wishers.

With the help of Sports Training Academy, this trust will help aspiring young ones in gaining a golden sport path; life of a champion. Other than this, this Trust is also committed in appreciating hard working players, experienced sportsmen and retired coaches in various sports.

Khel India Trust also works for organizing various sport championship to appreciate talent. To seed the perfect environment for sports, we have also launched School Affiliation Program and going in schools to offer sincere service so that next generation can have more and more players; Next Generation Stars

With all the needed hard work, our team is hopeful about the expansion of this Trust in three states; Uttar Pradesh, Utrakhand and Himachal Pradesh in coming months. We have worked for identifying talent in Rural and Urban areas and we will be working more to give more stars in many sports in coming years.