Shooting range in your school

No doubt, idea of a shooting range in a school will add value to the reputation. Being in the noble work of education, you must be agreed to this thought –

Sport can give the remaining blocks of your future building which were left in the classroom

Yes, a young mind attains a better concentration level, better spirit of competition and certainly boosted level of confidence by involving in a sport. And, that is why… we have sport periods in school time table. We are here sharing about Air Rifle Shooting Sport, therefore, counting it as the best for your students… because:

  • This game boosts player’s concentration level
  • This game gives better control over mind; calmness
  • This game gives better level of thought process regarding competition
  • This game enhances zeal level for achieving decided aim

For having a shooting range in your school, you need to register with us under our school affiliation program. This is also about having a term contract with Khel India Trust. There are few points too which you need to keep in mind –

  • Your school should have a well build indoor area available for shooting range
  • Size of the shooting range indoor area depends upon the number of points fixed for aim
  • For 5 shooting aim points, shooting range will be an indoor hall having width of 25 fit and length of 60 fit
  • For 10 shooting aim points, shooting range will be an indoor hall having width of 50 fit and length of 60 fit
  • Shooting range requires an area with superb level of silence, hence manage absolute silence for this indoor area
  • Shooting range required proper arrangement of light, hence keep proper electricity availability for decided training time

Hopefully, you got the idea about setting a shooting range in your school along with few benefits of it for your students. In case, you are thinking about the hurdles in setting all these shared in above given picture then please don’t panic… it is our work.

You just need to provide a hall with proper electricity arrangement…. time slot and of course, silence in that area… other tasks like setup of shooting range and training…. these are part of our work… and we are ready to give our best!!